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System Designer - Digital Designer

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Hello! I'm Lars Lindqvist. I am a highly skilled Digital Designer with long experience of designing all kinds of electronic systems and specifically including ASICs and FPGAs.

My ability to develop and pursue new challenges has led to a position in the forefront among digital designers developing cutting-edge system designs. I have over thirty years’ experience of driving digital design projects, applying strong analytical and problem-solving skills autonomously as well as in teams.

Gordia is derived from the Gordian Knot and stands for innovative and smart solutions to complex problems. The Gordian Knot was a complex knot residing in a tempel in Gordion. Any man who could unravel it was destined to become ruler of all of Asia. Alexander the Great finally achieved this by slicing the knot in half with his sword, and did indeed conquer most of Asia.

Work Experience

2019 - present

Gordia Consulting

System and Digital Consultant

Design of efficient, high assurance and high security systems.

2009 - 2018

Advenica AB

Head of FPGA Development

Responsible for a team of 3-6 persons developing hardware for various security products like VPN, firewalls, data diodes and file crypto. System and digital design of high security systems.

2005 - 2009

Cambridge Silicon Radio Sweden AB

Digital ASIC Designer - Consultant

System design, mixed signal simulation and implementation of digital parts of cellular radio ASIC (Matlab, ADMS, Verilog). Responsible for GSM/EDGE modulation, digital filter chain, delta-sigma modulation and adaptation for PLL systems.

1997 - 2005

Ericsson AB

Digital ASIC Designer (partly contractor)

Digital design of GSM/WCDMA baseband (VHDL). Digital design of Bluetooth radio and baseband (SPW, VHDL). Various investigations on GSM phone platforms.

1988 - 1997

Gordia Elektronik

System and Digital Consultant

FPGA design (VHDL) of graphic control board, ISEC. Hardware design of industrial control systems, Tetra Pak. Gate-Array design of industrial control system, Alfa Laval Automation. Teacher in VHDL design, ABB, SAAB and Ericsson. Software design (C, Lex & Yacc) of a VHDL to Boolean compiler.

1985 - 1988

Electrolux Mecatronik AB

Digital Designer

Full-Custom design of optical sensor in Genesil silicon compiler. Hardware design of intrusion system and energy control.

1981 - 1985

SattControl AB

Digital Designer

Hardware design of various industrial control systems (PLC). Analogue and digital design for surveillance of submarine batteries (Tudor). Analogue and digital design for control of robots (Volvo).


1976 – 1981

Master of Science in Electronics

Lund University (LTH)

1979 – 1980

System Engineer Robot-70

Swedish Armed Forces, radar school (RMS)

1972 – 1976

Bachelor of Science in Electronics

Tycho Brahe high school

My Interests

Besides working I enjoy reading, travelling and outdoor activities. I'm an avid runner and participate regularly in various veteran competitions, where I have achieved several VSM medals in 10k, half marathon and cross country.

  • Construction and home improvements
  • Travel
  • Watch Movies
  • Beer brewing
  • Shopping

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